Five Modest Tips in Keeping Your Travertine Floor Tiles Clean


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravertine is a form of limestone that is ideal for home improvements. The best thing about this type of natural stone is that it is available in a lot of lovely colors that can fit your style and preferences. So if you have been thinking about doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, travertine is a good choice. The beauty of travertine is classic which makes it one of the most perfect options for many homeowners who want to improve their homes. Its beauty is timeless so you will never need to worry that the design of your home shall go out-of-date.

One of the best things about the travertine stone is that it is very easy to maintain. You’ll just have to keep it clean all the time. Doing so is in fact easier than cleaning other kinds of stones. You may follow these tips to keep your travertine clean and good as new.

1.    Wipe the spills immediately.

Spills can cause stains so in case you notice one, be sure to wipe it immediately. The stone can be really sensitive to tomato sauce or certain carbonated beverages. You may use a hot water to clean up the area. A stone cleaning product is also recommended. You must never use vinegar, lemon or any orange cleaning agents when you are cleaning your travertine stone.

2.    Mop your floor.

You have to clean your travertine floor tile with a clean, non-treated dry mop regularly. You can use a wet mop with hot water and a specially formulated stone cleaning agent once per week.

3.    For stubborn stains, poultice may be the solution.

If you think that you have already done all your best yet you still cannot remove the stain from your travertine floor, it must be the best time to rely on a poultice. Create a paste by combining a formulated stone cleaner and a baking powder. Apply this mixture on the stained area and cover it with a clear plastic wrap. Let it stand for some days and then remove the poultice with warm water.

4.    Use an alkaline cleaner for deep stains.

This kind of cleanser can be found in most tile and stone supply stores. When you think that your best is simply not good enough, it should be the last option for cleaning travertine floors.

5.    Always ask a professional.

Travertine is undeniably an excellent choice of stone for bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas for its luxurious appeal and functionality.  When you decide to incorporate this stone into your design plan, always consult a professional for its proper care so you can avoid damage, etching and staining.


The Advantages of Having a Pool at Home


autumn-blend-2Who would not want to have a private swimming pool at home? The best thing about pools is the relaxation that owning one has to bring. Every member of the family will certainly love to stay at home during the weekends if you have a pool that everybody can enjoy. Have you think about all the benefits that a pool can bring in your life? Here are some of the best benefits of having a pool at home.

1.  A swimming pool is a good source of relaxation and recreation.

If you want to have a good time, having a party around the pool area can be the perfect way to go. You can always invite your friends for a Saturday night that is filled with so much fun and laughter. Swimming is an excellent recreational activity that can take away all the stress that is brought by the entire week. You just have to get away from the stress as much as you can so you can be a happier and healthier individual.

2.  Swimming pool adds value and aesthetic appeal to every home.

Having a pool in your outdoors will make your home appear classier. It is also a good way to increase your home’s value. A small pool can become the main attraction in the backyard.

3.  Swimming promotes fitness.

Swimming is the best exercise for all ages. If you are in the process of losing weight, swimming can be the perfect activity that you should enjoy. The activity results to no jarring impact which makes it a great activity for the children and elderly. You just have to make sure that you choose a material that is safe for your pool coping. A pool coping will make your pool less slippery and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool too.

Choosing the Best Material for Pool Coping


There are different kinds of materials that you can use for your pool coping. Travertine tile flooring is a good choice that a lot of home owners pick for their homes. Travertine is ideal as a pool coping as well. This kind of natural stone offers an elegant look for both indoors and outdoors.

Aside from travertine, you can also have either granite or limestone. Always remember that you need to get your construction materials from a reputable company that you can trust. The best outcome of your project will be greatly affected by the quality of material that you are going to use.

Having a swimming pool at home can add a “life” to the entire home. Make your haven better with a pool in your yard.

Pool Coping and Its Different Types


Pool coping is the cap that edges an in-ground swimming pool wall. It adds to the aesthetic appearance of the pool. There are lots of pool coping options that you can choose from but in choosing one, you will have to consider the design of your pool and your budget of course. You do not want to become too ideal and just mess things up with your budget. It also has to complement the design of your pool very well. Every selection has special merit but you need to consider what you have.

Pool Copings

Because the main purpose of pool copings it to give a finished look, you have to pick a design that will match the current look of your pool. You have to consider how the pool coping will look like above the water line, not just on how it is in the pool deck. Here are the different types of coping that you may want to consider.

a. Rolled edge copings
This kind will give the pool a rounded look. Rolled edges are in concrete, brick and cast-stone designs. Bull-nosed coping can put a rounded edge on the pool as well. It is accessible in stone, cast-stone and cast-concrete materials.
b. Bull nose coping
The bullnose coping is the most popular type of coping because it can be made out of any type of material. This type is flat on top and it has rounded edges where it meets the pool.
c. Rough cut coping
This is a country style look that you can have for your pool. It provides a rough edge to the pool.
d. Cantilever coping
This type of coping extends over the pool. This one requires a lot of work and it provides natural looking landscape. This is a poured concrete project. It makes the deck seem thicker. The rough stones can give your pool a natural look and it is also advisable for safety purposes. You can buy natural stones or cast stones for this type of coping.

The Marble Stone for Pool Coping

The marble stone can be the best material that you should use for pool coping. Marble can be a great home material whether it is for the inside or outside view. It is ideal as marble paver or pool coping. It is very important that you are choosing high quality marble stones for any project that you have in mind. Marble is perfect for pool copings because it has timeless beauty. You can certainly make your pool more inviting because of the lovely ambiance that marble pool coping can provide. Travertine is also ideal as a pool coping material. Make your pool more inviting with excellent pool coping.

How to Make Your Home Unique From the Others


Your home is your haven. Most of your time is spent at home that is why you need to make things work fine and lovely in your favorite place. You need to make your home unique from the others by installing different kinds of pavers that can add to its magnificence. You can make your homes unique when you pattern its design according to your preferences. Following your taste is the best way to make your home differ from the other homes in your neighborhood. It is a reflection of who you are so you have to make your home pleasant looking and neat at all time.

Noce - French Pattern Pavers

A lot of homeowners are just so much in love with the idea of making their homes turn out more beautiful. Installing different kinds of stones can be a good way to make your homes more attractive. The beauty of cobblestones pavers is perfect to make your walkways more inviting. One of the best things about the paver is that it is durable and does not break easily so with just a little care and maintenance, you can get the guarantee that your home shall stay beautiful and appealing. There are great selections that you can choose from so you will never get bored with your options. Your family and guest will surely love the look that you will achieve when you install cobblestones in your walkways.

Cobblestones pavers can either be square or rectangle. Some may also appear random. You may choose to line them up or arrange them in semi-circles. The beauty of cobblestones is not only for homes but are ideal to use in streets as well. They are also commonly used for landscaping boarders and wells. Aside from the exquisiteness of cobblestones, you can also find marble paver as an ideal stone for your home. Marble pool coping can make your outdoors look lovelier. It can define your pool better. Your family members will unquestionably get the best time of their lives during weekends as they enjoy the pool in the daytime or at night.

If you want traditional or modern designs, natural sandstones are undeniably perfect. You can have unique combinations of textures and colors for that contemporary feel. Sandstones are perfect to use as interior and exterior designs. They are for flooring, paving and walls. You may also appreciate the beauty of travertine stones. It is a natural stone that is also commonly used for redecorating and home improvements. It is cheaper compared to the marble pavers. It is very versatile as well. You can use it in most areas of your home such as floorings, countertops, wall arts and so on. You may also use it for your bathroom, kitchen, hallway and patio. Travertine Pavers Direct offers a lot of styles and colors of travertine pavers that you can choose from.

Fascinating Ways to Use Travertine in Different Areas of Your Home


Travertine floor tiles are part of the limestone family. You can use it for the construction of your homes to take place of expensive marble. It is mainly used on floors, countertops and building exterior. If you do not have enough money to be able to purchase costly marble stones, you can rely on the beauty of travertine instead. The tile can be honed, polished or brushed so it will become more beautiful.

Leonardo Splitface Mosaics

See more images @ Travertine Pavers Direct

Travertine is a type of natural stone that is developed over time when minerals are deposited on the earth’s surface. Travertine is really a type of limestone, although many think of it as a form of marble. Compared to the other kinds of stones, travertine is easier to cut and install. If you are looking for the best stone that shall add beauty and elegance to your home, you won’t certainly go wrong with this stone. You’ve got to learn why travertine is one of the most appreciated stones today.

Travertine stones can be used in many parts of your home. You may have them in your entryway, porch, fireplace or as stone flooring in your bathroom. Installing the stone in these parts of your home will not only make your homes more elegant but it brings comfort as well. Make your homes more heaven-like with these travertine ideas.

Desert Gold Tumbled Tiles Stair

Travertine Paver as an Entryway to Your Home

Your homewill certainly turn out more elegant if you are going to make use of the travertine stones in the entryway. Cut the tiles in uniform sizes for the main floor and create a boarder. Of course, it has to be in darker shade since it will be around the floor edge. Preserve the metal colors by having the floors sealed.

Travertine Pavers for Your Countertops

Travertine tiles come in many shades that shall compliment your taste. Your kitchen countertops will have a unique surface with travertine tiles. You can fill the tiny holes with grout and then seal the surface to protect them against staining.

Travertine Pavers for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may look like a classy spa with travertine stones. Choose a good kind of colors like mixes of pale coral, muted yellows and brown. You can also add a marble sink for a more sophisticated look.

Travertine Pavers for Your Fireplace

Put a white wooden fireplace mantel of solid granite. Make sure that you choose the right colors that will compliment your travertine. You may also create a geometric design on the mantel and then make another one for the fireplace or build a mantel out of travertine tiles. Top it with a mantel cover.

Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Methods of Cleaning Travertine Floors


The travertine stone is an ancient mined construction material that is used for indoor and outdoor flooring. It is recognizable from the other stones because it has naturally occurring holes on its surface. It also has veined troughs that make the stone all the more beautiful. It can be brought and installed with the surface filled-in or left natural and can be polished to a high gloss or a soft matte finish. With no doubt, the stone is beautiful and its beauty can last for several years with the right care that you should do. The following are significant do’s and don’ts that you should follow to keep your travertine floors clean and beautiful.

Travertine FlooringDos:
1. Test and seal the travertine flooring.
The job can be as simple as wiping on and wiping off. But first, you have to test the floor. If your travertine is polished, there may be no need for you to seal them. Do the testing so you will find out.
2. Blot up the spills.
You have to remember that travertine is more sensitive when compared to the granite stone. That means that they are more receptive to acidic substances such as wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce and soda. So in case you notice spills, you have to make sure that you blot them up immediately.
3. Clean the surfaces with the use of a soft cloth.
You have to be careful on the cleaning agents that you are going to use. You need to choose a specially formulated stone cleaner or sealer. Using mild soap will protect your stone and prevent it from looking dull.

1. Do not use vinegar, ammonia or lemon in cleaning your travertine floors.
Doing so may be perceived as a good idea but actually it is not. As noted above, you have to choose a specially formulated stone cleaner so make sure you do.
2. Do not place the toiletry products on the surface.
Toiletry products like toothpaste, perfumes, colognes, creams and nail products can stain and ruin the elegance of your bathroom tile floor. You can protect your countertop from these possible sources of stains by having a decorative tray or container where you can put the products. You may notice that fancy hotels have these.

Daily Care for Your Travertine Tile Floors
It is inevitable that dust can get in the surface of your travertine floor. In order to clean your travertine, you can sweep or vacuum it to pick up the dust. You need to be very careful in the way you clean your flooring because too much pressure can ruin the flawless look of your travertine paver.

The Most Beautiful Stone Floors and Their Naturally Lovely Uniqueness


Among the materials that are used for the construction of our homes, stone is one of the best, if not the best. It comes directly to nature so it brings a sense of satisfaction within. It is also very durable and is far better than the use of wood which is prone to the adverse effects of food and chemicals. Having a stone floor will also add to the classy look of the house. If you love a multicolored appearance, granite and other igneous rocks will never leave you disappointed. Rocks are naturally lovely and if they are polished, their beauty is increased. Just like the many things in life, rocks have to be well-refined so they can achieve the beauty at its best. Stone floor feels pleasant on the feet especially to those that are living in cool climate.

If you are considering to use stones for your tiling, you have to be familiar with the different kinds of stones so you will know the best type that you should choose. Marble, granite, travertine, slate and limestone are among the most popular. Let us chat about each one of them.
• Marble- The marble stone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stones in existence. It is mainly used in bathrooms and fireplaces. Marble pool coping is perfect for the sophisticated look of your outdoors.

• Slate- Slate is a versatile form of stone. It can look elegant and rustic. If you have pets and children at home, slate is ideal because it resists both stains and water. Sealant should be applied either during the installation process or immediately afterwards.

• Limestone- Limestone is softer than the marble stone. This characteristic makes it feel smoother on the feet but of course, for the same reason, limestone has to be used in areas that have light traffic. Maintenance and care should be noticed because this type of stone is stained easily and can be really slippery.

• Travertine- Just like the marble, granite, limestone and slate, travertine is a natural stone too. What makes the travertine stone different is that it is formed in hot springs or limestone caves. You can see pictures of travertine flooring to know how beautiful the stone appears once it is installed in your homes.

• Granite- Granite is considered to be the hardest and most durable type of stone. It can endure or withstand the heat and can also defy staining and scratching. The granite stone is less porous than the marble stone but it also requires application of stone sealant.

Now that you are aware about the different kinds of stone and their natural characteristics, I hope you can choose the best for your home. Cheers!