Pool Coping and Its Different Types


Pool coping is the cap that edges an in-ground swimming pool wall. It adds to the aesthetic appearance of the pool. There are lots of pool coping options that you can choose from but in choosing one, you will have to consider the design of your pool and your budget of course. You do not want to become too ideal and just mess things up with your budget. It also has to complement the design of your pool very well. Every selection has special merit but you need to consider what you have.

Pool Copings

Because the main purpose of pool copings it to give a finished look, you have to pick a design that will match the current look of your pool. You have to consider how the pool coping will look like above the water line, not just on how it is in the pool deck. Here are the different types of coping that you may want to consider.

a. Rolled edge copings
This kind will give the pool a rounded look. Rolled edges are in concrete, brick and cast-stone designs. Bull-nosed coping can put a rounded edge on the pool as well. It is accessible in stone, cast-stone and cast-concrete materials.
b. Bull nose coping
The bullnose coping is the most popular type of coping because it can be made out of any type of material. This type is flat on top and it has rounded edges where it meets the pool.
c. Rough cut coping
This is a country style look that you can have for your pool. It provides a rough edge to the pool.
d. Cantilever coping
This type of coping extends over the pool. This one requires a lot of work and it provides natural looking landscape. This is a poured concrete project. It makes the deck seem thicker. The rough stones can give your pool a natural look and it is also advisable for safety purposes. You can buy natural stones or cast stones for this type of coping.

The Marble Stone for Pool Coping

The marble stone can be the best material that you should use for pool coping. Marble can be a great home material whether it is for the inside or outside view. It is ideal as marble paver or pool coping. It is very important that you are choosing high quality marble stones for any project that you have in mind. Marble is perfect for pool copings because it has timeless beauty. You can certainly make your pool more inviting because of the lovely ambiance that marble pool coping can provide. Travertine is also ideal as a pool coping material. Make your pool more inviting with excellent pool coping.