How to Make Your Home Unique From the Others


Your home is your haven. Most of your time is spent at home that is why you need to make things work fine and lovely in your favorite place. You need to make your home unique from the others by installing different kinds of pavers that can add to its magnificence. You can make your homes unique when you pattern its design according to your preferences. Following your taste is the best way to make your home differ from the other homes in your neighborhood. It is a reflection of who you are so you have to make your home pleasant looking and neat at all time.

Noce - French Pattern Pavers

A lot of homeowners are just so much in love with the idea of making their homes turn out more beautiful. Installing different kinds of stones can be a good way to make your homes more attractive. The beauty of cobblestones pavers is perfect to make your walkways more inviting. One of the best things about the paver is that it is durable and does not break easily so with just a little care and maintenance, you can get the guarantee that your home shall stay beautiful and appealing. There are great selections that you can choose from so you will never get bored with your options. Your family and guest will surely love the look that you will achieve when you install cobblestones in your walkways.

Cobblestones pavers can either be square or rectangle. Some may also appear random. You may choose to line them up or arrange them in semi-circles. The beauty of cobblestones is not only for homes but are ideal to use in streets as well. They are also commonly used for landscaping boarders and wells. Aside from the exquisiteness of cobblestones, you can also find marble paver as an ideal stone for your home. Marble pool coping can make your outdoors look lovelier. It can define your pool better. Your family members will unquestionably get the best time of their lives during weekends as they enjoy the pool in the daytime or at night.

If you want traditional or modern designs, natural sandstones are undeniably perfect. You can have unique combinations of textures and colors for that contemporary feel. Sandstones are perfect to use as interior and exterior designs. They are for flooring, paving and walls. You may also appreciate the beauty of travertine stones. It is a natural stone that is also commonly used for redecorating and home improvements. It is cheaper compared to the marble pavers. It is very versatile as well. You can use it in most areas of your home such as floorings, countertops, wall arts and so on. You may also use it for your bathroom, kitchen, hallway and patio. Travertine Pavers Direct offers a lot of styles and colors of travertine pavers that you can choose from.


How to Make Your Walkways More Beautiful?


Many people appreciate the beauty of cobblestone pavers and use them as beautiful walkways in their homes. Cobblestones are beautiful kinds of stones that make interesting walkways that may also lead to front doors through gardens and patio areas. One of the best things about the paver is that it is durable and does not break easily. You can have a wide selection of colors, sizes and shapes that you can choose from. Installing cobblestones to significant areas of your homes will create a more inviting ambiance. Your family members and guest will love it for certain. You may follow these simple steps to install cobblestone pavers.

French Pattern for Pavers

1. Mark the path of the walkway by using stakes for every few feet and then outline with a string.
2. Dig out the dirt and remove any hard object like large rocks and roots that might get in the way in the installation process.
3. Place a weed barrier cloth so you can prevent the weeds from growing and sticking out from between the paver. You need to make sure that the weed barrier cloth is covered. You can use a construction sand to have it covered. You can also smooth the sand bed to an ideal height.
4. Put the cobblestone pieces on top of the sand bed. Tightly set them together and then pack them into place with a rubber mallet. Do not use too much force so you will not cause any damage to the paver.
5. Brush off the extra sand with a broom and then pack the sand by spraying water using a hose.

Exploring the Beauty of Cobblestones

Cobblestones can either be square or rectangular in shape and look like a series of bricks that are laid flat. Some may also appear scattered or random and there are smaller rocks that fill the gaps between those that are larger in size. You may choose to line up the others or arrange them in semi circles. If you desire, you may also feature a mosaic type kind of pattern or go for the French pattern for pavers.
Aside from home use, cobblestones are also used for streets. Some homes are actually made of cobblestones. They are commonly used for landscaping boarders and wells. They are also used for indoor or outdoor artworks. Aside from cobblestones, marble pavers are also a perfect choice of stone to make your homes better. Marble pool coping can make your outdoors appear lovelier and more comfortable. Your family members will certainly get the best time of their lives during weekends as they enjoy their stay at home. It’s just very important to make your homes more appealing and relaxing. After all, there is no place on earth like home.

How to Make Your Lawn Prettier with Paver Edgings


Paver Lawn Edgings

Natural and beautiful pavers are ideal for your home. They are perfect in most interior and exterior uses. If you want your lawn to have a more awesome look, you can achieve that with some decorative details of landscape. Paver edging is available in different kinds of materials and that may include concrete, paver stones and bricks. The different styles, textures and colors of these paver edgings must complement the design of your home so you need to pick the one that will look good on your lawn. Paver edging is simple to install and it is easy to maintain as well. It can also endure natural elements without damage. Here are the different phases of the installation process.

The Planning Stage

Planning is the first and important step that you have to do meticulously. This is where everything will be based.  First, you need to determine the type of paver that you are going to use and how you are going to lay the edging. It can be vertically or horizontally, depending on the space that you have. If you’ll wish to have it vertically, you will only reveal the narrow end while laying it horizontally will make an illusion of wider space. Pavers are available with straight and curved tops. You need to choose the ones that will compliment your needs and budget.

The Preparations

To install the pavers around the lawn, you have to dig a 4- to 6-inch-deep trench around the perimeter, making it slightly broader than a single paver. You need to check if the trench is even. Binge about two inches of soil over the trench and make sure that it is smoothen. You may use a screed to do so.

The Installation Process

Lower a paver into the sand bed and tamp it lightly with a mallet. You have to set another paver that is next to it. You need to go on with the process of laying the brick or concrete pavers into the trench along the lawn. If required, cut the last landscape paver to size with the use of a hammer and then chisel it so it will perfectly fit into the available space.


Lawn paver edging has to look good on the landscape and increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. You have to properly select the color and texture of the stones that you are going to use and avoid installing pavers in parts of the lawn too close to extensive roots because doing so may accidentally ruin the design of your landscape. Make your lawn prettier, feel the great ambiance of your outdoors and let the sunshine in!