The Right Ways to Clean Your Travertine Tiles


6x12_Walnut_Chiseled_Pavers-Driveway-RSTravertine is a form of limestone that is widely used as a construction material. It is available in a lot of lovely colors and is made by a process of rapid precipitation. The beauty of travertine is classic which makes it one of the most ideal options for many homeowners who want to improve their homes. It is one of the most popular building materials in Italy and in other places.

In order to maintain the loveliness of travertine, you have to make it as clean as possible. You also have to know the things that you need to avoid. Cleaning travertine tiles is easier than most of the other stones. It is not as hard as the other stone products but it can be used for the same purposes. You just need to make sure that you purchase high quality travertine tiles from an outstanding company. Travertine Pavers Direct offers beautiful travertine in reasonable prices and can help you in the installation too. It is just very important that the travertine tiles are properly sealed and installed.

In order to preserve the beauty of your travertine tiles, you need to make sure that you put your attention in sealing your tiles every year. It can prevent the tiles from getting damaged. You also need to keep it clean from all the dirt and dust. If you notice spills, you need to wipe them out immediately. Spills that are left on the travertine will damage the tiles. Always use a stone soap or neutral cleaner. It is advisable that you use a cloth, sponge or mop. Do not put too much pressure in cleaning your travertine tile because your tiles might get streaks.

To protect your tiles in the bath, having a tray is advisable. You have to place all your toiletries there before you put them on the travertine countertop. You also need to place rugs and mats in high traffic areas so shoes will not scratch the surface of the tiles. You can dust your floors with the use of dry mops.

AntMake Sure That You Do Not Do the Following:

1. Do not use vinegar in cleaning your travertine tile.

Never use vinegar or acid of any type in cleaning your travertine tile. This is because travertine is extremely sensitive to all acidic substances.

2. Do not leave the spills unattended.

Once you notice some spills, you need to make sure that you act fast and do something about it.

Aside from travertine, marble pavers will also add elegance to your homes. With these excellent home materials, you can definitely make your home better and sweeter for your family.