Five Modest Tips in Keeping Your Travertine Floor Tiles Clean


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravertine is a form of limestone that is ideal for home improvements. The best thing about this type of natural stone is that it is available in a lot of lovely colors that can fit your style and preferences. So if you have been thinking about doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling, travertine is a good choice. The beauty of travertine is classic which makes it one of the most perfect options for many homeowners who want to improve their homes. Its beauty is timeless so you will never need to worry that the design of your home shall go out-of-date.

One of the best things about the travertine stone is that it is very easy to maintain. You’ll just have to keep it clean all the time. Doing so is in fact easier than cleaning other kinds of stones. You may follow these tips to keep your travertine clean and good as new.

1.    Wipe the spills immediately.

Spills can cause stains so in case you notice one, be sure to wipe it immediately. The stone can be really sensitive to tomato sauce or certain carbonated beverages. You may use a hot water to clean up the area. A stone cleaning product is also recommended. You must never use vinegar, lemon or any orange cleaning agents when you are cleaning your travertine stone.

2.    Mop your floor.

You have to clean your travertine floor tile with a clean, non-treated dry mop regularly. You can use a wet mop with hot water and a specially formulated stone cleaning agent once per week.

3.    For stubborn stains, poultice may be the solution.

If you think that you have already done all your best yet you still cannot remove the stain from your travertine floor, it must be the best time to rely on a poultice. Create a paste by combining a formulated stone cleaner and a baking powder. Apply this mixture on the stained area and cover it with a clear plastic wrap. Let it stand for some days and then remove the poultice with warm water.

4.    Use an alkaline cleaner for deep stains.

This kind of cleanser can be found in most tile and stone supply stores. When you think that your best is simply not good enough, it should be the last option for cleaning travertine floors.

5.    Always ask a professional.

Travertine is undeniably an excellent choice of stone for bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas for its luxurious appeal and functionality.  When you decide to incorporate this stone into your design plan, always consult a professional for its proper care so you can avoid damage, etching and staining.