How to Make Your Home Unique From the Others


Your home is your haven. Most of your time is spent at home that is why you need to make things work fine and lovely in your favorite place. You need to make your home unique from the others by installing different kinds of pavers that can add to its magnificence. You can make your homes unique when you pattern its design according to your preferences. Following your taste is the best way to make your home differ from the other homes in your neighborhood. It is a reflection of who you are so you have to make your home pleasant looking and neat at all time.

Noce - French Pattern Pavers

A lot of homeowners are just so much in love with the idea of making their homes turn out more beautiful. Installing different kinds of stones can be a good way to make your homes more attractive. The beauty of cobblestones pavers is perfect to make your walkways more inviting. One of the best things about the paver is that it is durable and does not break easily so with just a little care and maintenance, you can get the guarantee that your home shall stay beautiful and appealing. There are great selections that you can choose from so you will never get bored with your options. Your family and guest will surely love the look that you will achieve when you install cobblestones in your walkways.

Cobblestones pavers can either be square or rectangle. Some may also appear random. You may choose to line them up or arrange them in semi-circles. The beauty of cobblestones is not only for homes but are ideal to use in streets as well. They are also commonly used for landscaping boarders and wells. Aside from the exquisiteness of cobblestones, you can also find marble paver as an ideal stone for your home. Marble pool coping can make your outdoors look lovelier. It can define your pool better. Your family members will unquestionably get the best time of their lives during weekends as they enjoy the pool in the daytime or at night.

If you want traditional or modern designs, natural sandstones are undeniably perfect. You can have unique combinations of textures and colors for that contemporary feel. Sandstones are perfect to use as interior and exterior designs. They are for flooring, paving and walls. You may also appreciate the beauty of travertine stones. It is a natural stone that is also commonly used for redecorating and home improvements. It is cheaper compared to the marble pavers. It is very versatile as well. You can use it in most areas of your home such as floorings, countertops, wall arts and so on. You may also use it for your bathroom, kitchen, hallway and patio. Travertine Pavers Direct offers a lot of styles and colors of travertine pavers that you can choose from.


How to Make Your Walkways More Beautiful?


Many people appreciate the beauty of cobblestone pavers and use them as beautiful walkways in their homes. Cobblestones are beautiful kinds of stones that make interesting walkways that may also lead to front doors through gardens and patio areas. One of the best things about the paver is that it is durable and does not break easily. You can have a wide selection of colors, sizes and shapes that you can choose from. Installing cobblestones to significant areas of your homes will create a more inviting ambiance. Your family members and guest will love it for certain. You may follow these simple steps to install cobblestone pavers.

French Pattern for Pavers

1. Mark the path of the walkway by using stakes for every few feet and then outline with a string.
2. Dig out the dirt and remove any hard object like large rocks and roots that might get in the way in the installation process.
3. Place a weed barrier cloth so you can prevent the weeds from growing and sticking out from between the paver. You need to make sure that the weed barrier cloth is covered. You can use a construction sand to have it covered. You can also smooth the sand bed to an ideal height.
4. Put the cobblestone pieces on top of the sand bed. Tightly set them together and then pack them into place with a rubber mallet. Do not use too much force so you will not cause any damage to the paver.
5. Brush off the extra sand with a broom and then pack the sand by spraying water using a hose.

Exploring the Beauty of Cobblestones

Cobblestones can either be square or rectangular in shape and look like a series of bricks that are laid flat. Some may also appear scattered or random and there are smaller rocks that fill the gaps between those that are larger in size. You may choose to line up the others or arrange them in semi circles. If you desire, you may also feature a mosaic type kind of pattern or go for the French pattern for pavers.
Aside from home use, cobblestones are also used for streets. Some homes are actually made of cobblestones. They are commonly used for landscaping boarders and wells. They are also used for indoor or outdoor artworks. Aside from cobblestones, marble pavers are also a perfect choice of stone to make your homes better. Marble pool coping can make your outdoors appear lovelier and more comfortable. Your family members will certainly get the best time of their lives during weekends as they enjoy their stay at home. It’s just very important to make your homes more appealing and relaxing. After all, there is no place on earth like home.

Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Methods of Cleaning Travertine Floors


The travertine stone is an ancient mined construction material that is used for indoor and outdoor flooring. It is recognizable from the other stones because it has naturally occurring holes on its surface. It also has veined troughs that make the stone all the more beautiful. It can be brought and installed with the surface filled-in or left natural and can be polished to a high gloss or a soft matte finish. With no doubt, the stone is beautiful and its beauty can last for several years with the right care that you should do. The following are significant do’s and don’ts that you should follow to keep your travertine floors clean and beautiful.

Travertine FlooringDos:
1. Test and seal the travertine flooring.
The job can be as simple as wiping on and wiping off. But first, you have to test the floor. If your travertine is polished, there may be no need for you to seal them. Do the testing so you will find out.
2. Blot up the spills.
You have to remember that travertine is more sensitive when compared to the granite stone. That means that they are more receptive to acidic substances such as wine, coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce and soda. So in case you notice spills, you have to make sure that you blot them up immediately.
3. Clean the surfaces with the use of a soft cloth.
You have to be careful on the cleaning agents that you are going to use. You need to choose a specially formulated stone cleaner or sealer. Using mild soap will protect your stone and prevent it from looking dull.

1. Do not use vinegar, ammonia or lemon in cleaning your travertine floors.
Doing so may be perceived as a good idea but actually it is not. As noted above, you have to choose a specially formulated stone cleaner so make sure you do.
2. Do not place the toiletry products on the surface.
Toiletry products like toothpaste, perfumes, colognes, creams and nail products can stain and ruin the elegance of your bathroom tile floor. You can protect your countertop from these possible sources of stains by having a decorative tray or container where you can put the products. You may notice that fancy hotels have these.

Daily Care for Your Travertine Tile Floors
It is inevitable that dust can get in the surface of your travertine floor. In order to clean your travertine, you can sweep or vacuum it to pick up the dust. You need to be very careful in the way you clean your flooring because too much pressure can ruin the flawless look of your travertine paver.

Add Exquisiteness and Comfort to Your Home: Know How to Install Quartz Tiles Floor


Your home deserves the best. And if we are going to talk about it, we have to talk about the latest trends in flooring options. The sparkling quartz tiles floor is becoming more and more appreciated as part of homes’ constructions because of its beautiful sizes and colors. Not only that! Quartz tiles floor is a famous flooring option because of its amazing characteristics. It is hygienic, hard-wearing and has easy to clean properties. It is also stain resistant and looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. This type of tile is somehow similar to porcelain tiles but there are differences that make one unique from the other. Both may require different installation approaches. Here is how quartz tiles floor must be installed.

Quartz Tile

1. Cover the entire floor surface with a cement board. You have to score and then snap the sheets with the use of a utility knife so they can cover the whole floor without the tendency for them to get overlapped. Fasten them to the subfloor with the use of a screw. If you are dealing with concrete subfloors, you have to make use of a hammer drill so you can insert the concrete screws.
2. Coat the seams of the cement board through a mortar. You can apply mortar with the use of a trowel. You must also make sure that it is properly sealed with a mesh tape. You may add a second layer of mortar over the tape so you can hold it in place. Allow the mortar to dry before you go on with the next procedures.
3. Snap a chalk line from the midpoint of each wall. This will help you find the centre of the room. You can use this as your starting point so you can conceal the irregularities in the walls.
4. Layout your tiles to establish your pattern.
5. Cut the tiles. You can make use a wet saw to do so.
6. Use plastic spacers to maintain the even grout lines that are between your tiles.
7. Butter and tamp the remaining tiles.
8. Pour the sanded grout onto the floor. It has to be one small section at a time.

Quartz tiles floors are beautiful and when they are properly installed, the floor tiles will surely last long. This is a good investment with the beauty and comfort that it can add to your homes. You may call a professional team that can help you with proper installation. They have the knowledge about the different floor tile patterns and they can do it the way you want. Make a good investment today for the future generations of your family to enjoy.

Keep Your Pool Safe with Concrete Pool Coping


Coping is a term that is used to identify the concrete material that is used to cap the shell walls of the pool. Concrete pool coping outlines your swimming pool to make it more pleasing to the eyes and it also provides safety for those that are entering the pool. It serves as the pool’s edge and is a very important in the construction of swimming pools because it protects the pool shell and provides a non-slip surface for people that enter the pool. You may choose marble or travertine pool copings – that will basically depend on your preferences and the style of your pool.

Concrete Pool Coping

There are different types of swimming pool copings like the poured and precast concrete coping. These are how you can install your pool coping for yourself. Read on to know how the two differs.

Poured and Precast Concrete Coping

  • Poured Concrete- This type of swimming pool coping requires the use of a plastic mold along the edge of the pool. It is a uniform and unbroken finished edge for your pool.
  • Precast Concrete- This is a pre-made concrete block that is purchased and installed in pieces to suit the style and shape of your pool.

The Installation of Pool Copings
Installing pool copings around a pool is just like installing tile floors. There are few steps and precautions that you have to remember so you can install them well. You may follow these steps.

  1. Place the first full stone on the edge of the pool. The rounded edge has to be hanging over the wall of the pool.
  2. Add additional stones in the areas between the stones that you have laid.
  3. Put additional rows of stepping stones to make a wider coping.
  4. Prepare the stones for mortaring. Number the stones with chalk as your move them away from the pool. This will help you remember where each piece belongs.
  5. Apply a layer of mortar on the area where you will place the stones.
  6. Lay the expansion joints that are between the coping row and in the stepping stone rows.
  7. Fill the gaps with mortar.
  8. Apply coats of sealant. Three to four coats will do.

The installation of pool copings may be complicated so it will be very beneficial if you will seek professional help. But of course, you must find quality stones first. Marble and travertine pool copings are beautiful and classic. They can provide the ambiance that can make your outdoor more inviting and refreshing. Pool copings can also make your pools safe and prevents water from traveling inside the pool’s wall. Make sure that they fit your pool accurately.