The Versatile Uses of Marble


Marble is considered to be a metamorphic rock and is ideal in making homes appear more beautiful. It is a very durable stone that is used for construction, interior decoration, and sculpture. A lot of building designs use marble because of its clean ascetically pleasing architectonic style. Marble comes in various colors and sizes. Here are some of the ways of how the marble stone is used.

Marble Paver

  • Floors

Marble paver is one of the most popular choices of many home owners because of its aesthetic appeal. Aside from its beauty, it is also very easy to maintain. It can increase the value of your property and it is ideal for any weather condition.

  • Counters

Because the marble stone is a durable and stain resistant stone, it is undeniably perfect for counters. It is attractive and it is easy to clean too.

  • Tables

Marble-topped tables will add to the classy look of your homes. They can be the asset in your dining room. Functional tables in your bedroom will be better if they are decorated with marble. It provides a classy impression if they are positioned in the foyer.

  • Fireplaces

Make your fireplace more beautiful with marvelous marbles. However, marble can be a little costly so if you cannot afford to have it in the entire fireplace, you can just have it as a mantel piece.

  • Tubs

Since marble is available in many colors, you can decorate your bath with marble stones and make it complement the design of your bathroom.

In order to get the most desired results, it is very important that you choose high quality stones. Travertine Pavers Direct offers high quality marble, travertine and a lot more that are considered as excellent quality. Their team can also help you with the installation process. It is very important that the installation is done in the most proficient way. You may attempt to do the installation on your own but seeking professional help is always more advisable. So whether it is for your pool coping, tubs, fireplaces, tables, counters, etc., make sure that you choose only the best stone.

How to Maintain the Beauty of Your Marble Floors

The easiest way to maintain the beauty of marble floors is through daily housekeeping. If you see any signs of scratches, you may do wet sanding or chemical stripping. This is a noisy process that requires utmost care.

Many professional cleaning contractors and building conservators suggest leaving marble floors in their natural state without coatings. If floor sealers are being considered, you need to evaluate the long-term maintenance costs and be sure to test the product during the winter on a small area near a door entrance.


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