Travertine Pavers: The Best Natural Stone for Your Haven


Travertine is a natural stone that can add to the beauty and value of your homes. Travertine pavers are one of the most common surfacing recourse for pool areas and driveways. It has amazing characteristic that make a lot of people fall in love. The pavers contain light-colored calcium carbonate-based rocks which were formed around hot mineral springs. Its natural beauty can certainly maximize the beauty of your homes so it will become more elegant. Travertine Pavers Direct has the biggest premium travertine inventory in stock at all times in Northern United States. Make sure that you get your travertine paver from a company that you can trust. Quality must always come first.

Ivory Tumbled Pavers

Travertine is very ideal for stepping stones in the garden, borders and edging because of the many benefits that it can provide. It can also be used as small mosaic tiles. It can give your home a classic look and will warm your home at the same time. Before you do the installation of your travertine floor, you have to make sure that you have prepared the site well. If the paver does not have a solid and sturdy base, the tendency is that it will sink or crack. The first and most important part of the process is removing all the dirt and turf on the site of installation.

Installing travertine flooring can be the best way to upgrade your home. It is very important that it is properly installed so you need to be cautious and meticulous at the same time. You may follow these steps to ensure that you are able to install your travertine well.

1. Decide for the look that you want to achieve and then layout the tiles according to that look. You can use the tiles in diverse or similar sizes. You just have to pursue the look that you want to achieve. You can ask an expert team to help you in the proper installation of the travertine.

2. With the use of a wet saw, make sure that you cut the tile appropriately. You have to protect your ears and eyes so wear safety glasses. You also need to keep your focus so you will not place your hand in the cutting area and accidentally cut it. You must also be mindful on the pressure that you shall put. Too much pressure must be avoided.

3. Mix the thin mortar to a thick consistency. Apply the thin set mortar to the floor and then comb the mortar before placing the tiles.

4. Work on the untiled area. You need to move fast because the mortar may turn out stiff when it is exposed.

Aside from travertine, installing marble pavers is also a great choice. With the best pavers that you shall install to your home, you can certainly make it a better haven for you and for the ones that you love. Turn your home into a haven and make life on earth a bliss.


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