How to Make Your Lawn Prettier with Paver Edgings


Paver Lawn Edgings

Natural and beautiful pavers are ideal for your home. They are perfect in most interior and exterior uses. If you want your lawn to have a more awesome look, you can achieve that with some decorative details of landscape. Paver edging is available in different kinds of materials and that may include concrete, paver stones and bricks. The different styles, textures and colors of these paver edgings must complement the design of your home so you need to pick the one that will look good on your lawn. Paver edging is simple to install and it is easy to maintain as well. It can also endure natural elements without damage. Here are the different phases of the installation process.

The Planning Stage

Planning is the first and important step that you have to do meticulously. This is where everything will be based.  First, you need to determine the type of paver that you are going to use and how you are going to lay the edging. It can be vertically or horizontally, depending on the space that you have. If you’ll wish to have it vertically, you will only reveal the narrow end while laying it horizontally will make an illusion of wider space. Pavers are available with straight and curved tops. You need to choose the ones that will compliment your needs and budget.

The Preparations

To install the pavers around the lawn, you have to dig a 4- to 6-inch-deep trench around the perimeter, making it slightly broader than a single paver. You need to check if the trench is even. Binge about two inches of soil over the trench and make sure that it is smoothen. You may use a screed to do so.

The Installation Process

Lower a paver into the sand bed and tamp it lightly with a mallet. You have to set another paver that is next to it. You need to go on with the process of laying the brick or concrete pavers into the trench along the lawn. If required, cut the last landscape paver to size with the use of a hammer and then chisel it so it will perfectly fit into the available space.


Lawn paver edging has to look good on the landscape and increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. You have to properly select the color and texture of the stones that you are going to use and avoid installing pavers in parts of the lawn too close to extensive roots because doing so may accidentally ruin the design of your landscape. Make your lawn prettier, feel the great ambiance of your outdoors and let the sunshine in!


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